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08 January 2015

Statement by The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan

Condemning the Attack on Charlie Hebdo and Freedom of Expression

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club vehemently condemns the terrorist attack on the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo in Paris where 12 journalists and cartoonists were killed and others injured. The slayings have again spotlighted the extreme risks journalists and publications take in openly practicing freedom of press and freedom of expression.

French government authorities remained tolerant of Charlie Hebdo’s biting political satire despite potentially tarnishing good relations with the Muslim world. The magazine courted controversy with its “mock and shock” caricatures and commentary. But world leaders have united with France in condemning the terrorists and are calling to protect freedom of expression, worldwide.

The question remains: How exactly can journalists, publications, media organizations and even conglomerates such as Sony be protected from acts of censorship and suppression by terrorists, hackers or even governmentally sanctioned decrees? “Unity,” said French President François Hollande.

The FCCJ calls upon governments and authorities worldwide to unite in offering proper protections for journalists and greater support for freedom of press, media and expression -- the pillars of democracy.

Board of Directors
Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan